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Denial Management Services

Once the bill has been received by the Health insurance billing Company, you do not have to be at their clemency to get paid in a timely manner.

Depending on your billing method, you should expect to receive payment in as little as 15 days. If your insurance payments are averaging a turnaround time longer than 30 days from the time your bills are sent out until you receive payment, your office needs to develop a process for claim follow-up. Following up on the status of your healthcare claims can definitely improve your accounts receivable days.

Depending on the denial reason, you can have the new claim sent out way before you even get the paper denial through the mail. By calling the insurance company and finding out the denial reason instead of waiting to receive the denial in the mail, you can possibly correct the reason the claim was denied. Resubmitting the claim few days earlier than waiting for the denial in the mail will definitely shorten the turnaround time for your payment.

There may be several reasons for claim denials. Some of them are listed below:

Our process:

Fixing denials is a crucial part of processing medical bills and hitting the lowest medical denials is certainly a credible position to be in, and this is exactly where our denial management services for medical billing pitch in.

Denial Management is not introduced to just resubmitting a claim. We have a team of experts who analyze the reason for denial, track the most common denominators and systematically work on identifying and eliminating weak links. Our collections and denial management support helped reduce rejected claims drastically.

Contact us to know how our Denial Management expertise can help you improve your medical practice performance.