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Company Portfolio

Customer Relationship Management Services

CRM-services are a fully featured web based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions to improve your sales productivity, boost up your win rates and grow your revenue. Our CRM-services also includes a full set of eMarketingonline survey and call center tools to integrate all customer knowledge to CRM. You can just start using CRM- cloud services and take control of your work experience anywhere and anytime.

Today’s customers are armed with more information, more choices and more leverage than ever before—and their reach has never been greater. With razor-thin switching costs and little loyalty among end consumers, it is critical to provide customers with the rich, personalized, anytime and anywhere experience they expect in order to retain them. An inability to provide this type of experience can directly impact a company’s brand and profits as customers opt for competitive products and services.

Our CRM Services include te following:

Our CRM and CXM service offerings are supported by the following solutions:

Most CRM solutions include all of that functionality, though cheaper options may only offer bits and pieces. Some software runs on-premises, while other systems operate as cloud-based services and might even run on your phone or tablet.

It’s important that companies know which CRM solution to choose; a system with a million and one features that nobody can figure out or wants to use is useless.

We work with a wide range of CRM products, including Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle OnDemand, Microsoft CRM, Amdocs,, Right Now and Cegedim Dendrite. Our services run across the system development lifecycle from development, implementation and maintenance to testing, upgrades and managed services.

Want a customized CRM solution for your organization, we are there to help! Just fill in our query form and our consultant will get back to you sortly!