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Company Portfolio
Company Portfolio


Proficient IT solutions for key industry verticals. Accelerating growth, empowering Businesses.

We strive to make sound technological products to serve businesses globally and that cater to diversified industries. We strongly believe in helping companies catering to diversified industry verticals to improve their business processes and achieve higher ROI.

Our team of experienced and expert consultants helps startups, SMBs and even some of the corporate houses to gain insight into their respective niche and achieve excellence in the services provided.

Our services include the development of comprehensive:

  1. Web Application/Web based solutions
  2. Desktop/Mac Based solutions
  3. Mobile Application Development
  4. Consulting Services
  5. Legacy systems maintenance and support services
  6. Existing web/mobile system migration Services
  7. Legacy systems upgrades/enhancements

Industries we have served and continue to serve with our IT and business solutions include the following:

  1. Education and e-learning
  2. Energy and Utilities
  3. Technology and Communications
  4. Information Technology
  5. Retail and Consumer Products
  6. Travel and Hospitality
  7. Healthcare and Life Sciences
  8. Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

End to End solutions for Banking and Financial industry.

Education and e-learning sector

Our expertise are into E-Learning & education domains.

Energy and Utilities

Explore our technology solutions into energy & Utilities domains.

HealthCare & Life Science

Constitute our expertise into Healthcare and Life science industry.

Information Technology Industry

Dominent expertised solutions for Information Technology domain.

Retail and Consumer Products

End to end IT solutions for Retail & consumer industry

Technology and Communication

Explore our expertise into Telecommunications with proficient IT solutions.

Travel and Hospitality

End to end IT services/solutions for Travel industry.